Tips to Start Good Habits

Success is sweet because it seems that it is limited to a chosen few. But what is the hidden factor that sets successful individuals apart? Why is it that some men continue to fail while others enjoy victory after victory?

When you set aside a successful man, there is a very big chance that he or she is not that different from the rest. They, along with the rest of us are also pestered with everyday problems that spice up life. They are not exempted from traffic blues, taxes, brownouts, or bad weather. They are not special individuals from a distant galaxy. They live in the same world and breathe the same air as ours.

What then is their secret? All too surprisingly, it is no more than the fact that they have chosen to develop good habits that will aid them on their way to success.

Habits, we do it without thinking. It is part of an individual’s routine. But these seemingly trivial things that we do effortlessly plays a crucial part in determining if a person will be able to make it or not. A habit can make or break an individual.

Of course, habits are developed over time. It is best to start it with children. But for the rest of us who had to develop good habits in a not so young age, there is still hope. All that it takes is a strong will power to do a certain task day after day. A good habit is as difficult to break as a bad habit.

How are Habits Formed?

 They say it takes 21 days for one to develop a habit. Try your best to do a certain task consecutively for three weeks. It is the repetition of action that will make the task a part of your system. Before you knew it, the chore had developed into something that you enjoy doing.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Start a Habit

ü  Be determined. This is the most important thing. Make it a part of your everyday schedule. Do not give yourself the privilege of any excuse.

ü  Be patient. There is no need to rush things. Give yourself the right amount of time needed. Habits are slow to develop but once established are also hard to combat.

ü  Know your reasons. Why do you want to start a particular habit? Most probably it is because you believe that it will foster your growth and development. Making a particular goal clear in your mind will further strengthen your will to stick to it.

ü  Seek the help of a friend. They do not only provide encouragement. They can also serve as a constant reminder of your goal.

When you choose to start a good habit, you really have nothing to lose. You will only reap its benefits. It is not only challenging but will also cultivate a healthy self concept and increase self esteem as it is a proof that there is nothing you can’t do as long as you really put your mind to it.

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How to Be Successful

The A to Z of Successful Life

A-    Arrive a little early for every date or appointment.
B-    Be enthusiastic in everything you do.
C-    Complete every assigned tak.
D-    Do a little bit more than what is required
E-     Express yourself after you know the facts.
F-     Feel comfortable in every situation y being yourself.
G-    Go all out to serve others.
H-    Help and pray for your enemies
I-       Inculcate positive values.
J-      Join in and help when you are needed.
K-   Keep your head cool; it will save you more trouble.
L-     Listen with your heart, not your ears.
M-  Make the best of what you have.
N-   Never say it is hard, instead try your best.
O-   Open your heart to those less fortunate than you.
P-     Please yourself by pleasing others.
Q-   Quickly respond to any emergency needs.
R-    Remember the spirit of Christmas should be everyday.
S-     Study as to excel in your profession.
T-     Take advantage of opportunity.
U-    Use spare time intelligently.
V-    Value your health.
W-  Work at your work.
X-    X-out any qualities that could lead to failure.
Y-    You are the most important asset. Treat it well, physically and emotionally.
Z-     Zestfully meet any challenge.

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Good Habits for a Better You

 Ever heard of the saying by Aristotle that excellence is not an act but a habit? Well it is really very true so if you want to excel and succeed, you may want to examine the things that you repeatedly do. 

You know we all have habits- but some habits are good and make us a better person while some habits are bad, it destroys you. And we have a choice- nurture good habits and prosper or stick with the bad and suffer.

You know good habits are just as hard to break as the good ones so why not settle with the good. You can start with the following suggestions:

 Be an early-riser. The early bird catches the worm remember? Wake up a little earlier and accomplish more.

Be punctual. Arriving on time is a responsibility, and is a reflection of one’s diligence and commitment to someone or something.

Eat a full breakfast. Skipping breakfast is a no-no. Prepare your body for a fruitful day ahead by having a breakfast of champions everyday

Drink more water. It is natural, sugar-free, will keep you hydrated etc etc. -- water is really good for you so ditch that soda in your hand.

Say please and thank you often. You think you are doing others a favor by being nice? Actually it is for your own good. First being nice will give you many friends (admirers probably) and it will make you feel better.

Read a lot. Try to finish at least one book a month. 

Save some money. Allot a portion of your monthly earnings or income to savings. 

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Things You Should Say To Yourself If You Keep On Procrastinating

Been putting off an important task lately? I know the feeling is not really pleasant. It is like there is this huge sack of load that you are forced to carry around whenever you go. The thought that you left something undone robs your peace of mind. So why not just DO IT and get over it.

Sometimes a friend can help to remind you of all your pending work, but how about trying being tough on yourself first. Here are things you can tell yourself (or someone you know) for stubbornly and intentionally setting aside tasks:

How can you be so nasty (to yourself)? By procrastinating, you are doing a very grave injustice to yourself because for all you know, you may be delaying your victory, your moment of glory or the reward that is waiting for you.

Are you really that incompetent? Is completing a simple task taking you too long? Can’t you do better?

Time wasted is lost forever. As they say and I am sure you have heard time and again- time is GOLD. So please don’t waste your life away by not doing the things you need to do now.

You will surely regret this. Spare yourself some regrets by avoiding procrastination. There is a great probability that five years from now, you will wish that you could have finished that task.

Are you happy to be one of the losers? Ask a bunch of successful people and most probably, procrastination is not one of their habits. So keep on procrastinating if you want to be among those people who never or rarely win because they usually do not finish their goals.

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Time Management Tips: How to Be More Productive

Ever heard of the term “tempus fugit? It is a Latin word meaning time flies and it sure does. At the end of every year, many of us find ourselves wondering- hey where did the time go. Many might helplessly realize that an entire year without even accomplishing anything. Wasted time is lost forever so we surely want each year, each month, each week, each day to be productive.

To make sure that we fill our days with accomplished goals and targets, here area few tips:

  • Set a project/s or target/s for each month of the year. Have at least one goal, project or target that you wish to accomplish for each month of the year. Write it down and put it in a place where you can always see it. The project can be as simple as finally doing a task you have been putting off.  Whatever it is, you have 30 days to accomplish it so it will surely be a breeze. 

  • Have a positive mindset. Setting goals should always be accompanied with an attitude that you can do it. Be positive that luck will always be at your side.
  • Have a to-do list and set deadlines to it. To help you in accomplishing goals, a target plan or a step by step list of things you need to do to finish a project is a great help. Set deadlines for each small tasks and you will accomplish the project/goal in no time.
  • Ask help from above. Pray and ask for God's guidance. It will give you inner peace and strength and you surely can accomplish anything!

  • Start a good habit each month. How would you like ending the year with a definitely better you- just by being determined to start a good habit each month. As they say, it only takes 21 days to start a habit. So you can start a good habit very month. For January, you can start a writing habit- (write in a journal or finish a blog post before going to bed ), for February (drink water instead of soda every meal). For March (an exercise time habit upon waking up).
  • Decide at least 3 things you want to accomplish in a day. A month is actually very long to accomplish anything. You should accomplish lots in a day. So each day upon waking up, you should list down at least three things to be done. It can be very simple such as doing the grocery, fixing the broken chair and watering the plants. 

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One Way to Win: Stop Worrying and Let Things Be!

We heard it time and again: worrying leads us nowhere. Besides too much worrying often makes things worse.

I know worrying is tempting but if you really want to win, to excel, to stop procrastinating and manage your time well, then it is time to ditch the habit of worrying!

Yes worrying can destroy you because it slows you down. Sometimes you can’t start a project because you keep on worrying that it is not done right. Worrying can sometimes scare you so bad that it paralyze you into doing anything productive at all. 

So trust yourself, trust God, do your best.

Just relax, let things be and you will finish your goal in no time!

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4 Easy Techniques to Fight Procrastination

Procrastination is a BIG problem for so many people. You know you need to do something and that something is for your own good. But for some reason you keep on coming up with excuses Not To DO It! And you kicked yourself and start to hate yourself because you just feel so unproductive. And the worst part is- Procrastination leads you to actually become Unproductive which is quite synonymous to living a life that sucks

So why not DITCH the Habit of Procrastinating- it is as simple as taking that one small step to do a task. It will liberate you and will let you grow and will let you achieve your full potential and will make you Happier and i guess will make you look better too (:-))

Well to help the goal of winning over procrastination a bit easier, try these Four (4) Easy Ways to Make You Get Things Done

Tackle the Most Difficult Tasks First: Sometimes (or should I say most of the time), the thing that makes put things off for later is because we find it to be difficult. If that is the case, why not try the technique of doing the most difficult part of the project. It is like attacking the enemy/ies first so you can go on peacefully once you have conquered it. 

Break Down Big Tasks: Some projects usually looks larger than life that it intimidates you. But don't forget that all big tasks starts with that one step. Make a big tasks appear very doable by breaking it down into smaller tasks. Do each of that small tasks diligently and before you know it- you were able to finish a big task with ease. 

Don't Strive for Perfection: Have you ever try to write something but can't seem to go on because you keep on editing your work? It is because you keep on striving for flawless piece of work which in the process slows your progress. Sometimes, editing your work over and over early on will lead one to ultimately abandon the project. So allow yourself to make mistakes in the beginning and just keep on writing. You will finish your work much faster and you would have more time to polish it.  

Ask a Friend's Help: How about picking one friend letting him know your project/s and giving him/her the responsibility of checking out on your progress. Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder and your favorite friend/family member can effectively do that for you. 

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